We offer our Clients an innovative, simple and cost-saving way to evaluate applicants and existing employees. We use the knowledge-based Pscience psychological tests developed in Estonia, which combine the best values of various testing trends. The Pscience test enable the acquisition of more varied information than ordinary multiple-choice tests do, and thereby, Pscience tests provide support for making important decisions regarding the selection, development and promotion of people.

Tests can be conducted in fields of:

Personality tendencies – a person’s emotional, cognitive and motivational tendencies; their evaluation provides a person’s basic profile, which allows one to determine how the person will probably behave.

General capability – a person’s verbal, spatial and mathematical capabilities.          

Values – personal convictions, preferences and moral rules, which are some of the preconditions for actual behavior; the evaluation of values provides an idea of a person’s suitability for the organizational culture.

Occupation-specific competences – tests for managers, salespeople, service personnel, etc.