We have 18 years experience in headhunting and recruitment. This experience enables us to understand any recruitment task, provide recommendations and recognise the right people.


Every recruitment matters. Because our clients matter to us we take all challenges seriously and are happy to help.


We feel we are privileged to be doing work that we enjoy. Thoroughness is written into our recruitment service from first contact onwards.

Our Strengths

  • Recruitment skills based on years of experience
  • Experience in successfully recruiting more than 1000 specialists and managers
  • More than 90% success rate in recruitment projects
  • A database and network of over 13,000 candidates that is constantly updated
  • Extensive recruitment and advisory experience in various fields
  • A specialized and experienced team

Our team

Company History

M-Partner HR was established in 2002. The history of the company dates back to the 1990s, when Mainor Partner carried out recruitment processes as a member of the Mainor Group. Since then, we have actively adapted to every change in the labour market. During the 2000s, our six-member team supported the growth of many Estonian companies by helping to fill positions in sales, engineering and finance, while assisting numerous foreign companies with recruitment processes. Due to the situation on the labour market at the time, the main focus of recruitment processes was on public competitions and the assessment and selection of candidates. As was true of pretty much everything during this era, even the recruitment methods and tools we used were paper-based. Since 2012, M-Partner HR has mainly focused on the recruitment of specialist and management positions in Estonia. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are qualified to assist with recruitment in the fields of sales, customer management and marketing, design and construction, finance, technology and manufacturing of small and large companies alike. In relation to the challenges of the Estonian labour market, the need to implement target searches has increased year by year, and today we apply this method in more than three-quarters of our projects. We carry out more than a hundred successful recruitment processes every year. As the world of recruitment is a constantly and rapidly changing one, we are flexible and quick to adapt. This means applying both modern tools and a mature and specialised recruitment team, guaranteeing the thoroughness, quality and efficiency of our work.